What’s Goji Berry

Goji Berry, a solanaceae plant, is mainly distributed in Eurasia and America. Until now 80 species of Goji Berry have been found all over the world, with 10 edible species among them . China has 7 edible Goji Berry species and Ningxia Goji Berry is of the best nourishing ingredient.
Now Goji Berry has been researched not only in China. With the benefit of America and Japan scientists’ further exploration about Goji Berry nutrition, it is soon spread to the world and serves as a healthy natural food to customers.
In China, Goji Berry is mainly planted in Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, etc. Among them Ningxia Goji is the most famous. Zhongning county, Ningxia ,China is the cradle of world Goji Berry and the original place of Ningxia Goji Berry.
Ningxia Goji Berry is the only drug listed in the Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China.

Goji Berry in China

Goji Berry has been used in China for more than 1800 years. (The earliest Goji Berry book was Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic written in Eastern Han dynasty. At least in Tang dynasty Goji Berry was already used as precious nourishing ingredient.)
The record of artificial cultivation is about 300 years. (Goji Berry is one of the most common nourishing ingredient in Chinese’ daily life.)
According to traditional theory of Chinese medicine,Goji Berry has nine important benefits to human body:
Beauty and health
Inhibit tumor growth
Protect liver
Stimulate growth
Lower blood sugar and fat
Support eye health and improve vision
Hymatopoietic and hypoxia

Goji Berry in overseas

  •  Before 1900s, Goji Berry was barely known in overseas because of its limited output. Only very few Goji Berry is sold in traditional Chinese medicine shops which distributed in Japan, Korea and South-eastern countries.
  • In 21 century, as hundreds of Chinese pursuit development in overseas, Chinese cuisine gradually rises in overseas. In the meantime, the western world become to accept traditional Chinese medicine and Goji Berry began to have a certain scale of export. Before 2000, the most export volume of Goji Berry has reached to 1500mts/year(1995), and overseas markets extended to Germany, Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.
  • Promotion of western medical research
    Entering 21 century, as Chinese medicine and phytotherapy were accepted in western world, researches about Chinese medicine also increased. In 2003, some American scientists had researches on Goji Berry nutrients and discovered that Goji Berry was in extremely high antioxidant levels. Goji Berry was then honored as an amazing Super Fruit and soon became a popular product in European and American countries.
  • Nowadays, Goji Berry is becoming more and more popular in overseas with its markets spread to EU, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Eastern Asia, Australia, etc. Goji Berry is warmly enjoyed by people all over the world as a nutritious food. The export amount keeps increasing each year. In 2013, the export amount has been 5000mts.