Raw Material

The control on raw materials is the source of whole quality control. All our raw materials are from the registered and approved farmers and the cooperative which have signed the quality assurance agreement with our company. During growing the Goji Berry, farmers and cooperative must follow our requirement to use the fertilizer, pesticides and irrigation, and all of which are under our technical person’s guide and supervision. In the whole harvest season, we frequently and randomly take test for the pesticide residues in every planting base to check if the raw materials can meet our export criteria and select the qualified ones. So for whole season, all our raw materials are from the approved planting base.

Inspection of raw material into factory is another important way to test material conformity. This inspection mainly tests physical index such as moisture, grade, color, miscellaneous foreign body, etc.

Production Processing and Quality Control SystemQuality

  • BRC accreditation
  • ISO22000 /ISO9000 accreditation
  • NinePearls Goji Berry is Organic certified
  • NinePearls Goji Berry is Kosher certified
  • Metal detection on all products
  • Dried berries are Ozone cleaned
  • All Goji products are GMO free
  • All production site is nut free

Quality Inspection and Improvement

When every harvest season coming, we take tests on the raw materials from each planting base to check if they are qualified for export.

For every batch to be exported, the products must be inspected by the Ningxia CIQ and released when every test results meet the export standard.

For every batch to be shipped, we have full set of records which are kept on file. They guarantee the traceability in case of any problem.

Based on the complete records and timely communication, we keep improving and try our best to supply better products and service to each of our clients.

Quality Commitment

We promise that all the products we delivered comply with agreed specification.

We promise that all the products we delivered comply with the standards of export and import countries. We are always responsible for any defect caused during our processing and bearing the loss.